The vision of development of golf in Morocco

The vision of development of golf in Morocco, launched in 2019 under the aegis of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation, is the result of an intensive reflection of exchange and consultation between the Federation and the various stakeholders of golf in the Kingdom.

This new vision is articulated around two structuring axes: the sportsman and the economic.

Through this vision, the support to the golf economy aims in priority to improve the management of golf courses and services provided to foreign tourists and the promotion of Morocco as a golf destination to international players.

As an imperative lever for the success of this development project, training in professions related to golf operation will contribute to raising the level of the Moroccan golf product.
At the sports level, the Federation aims to broaden the base of practitioners and to train national champions in this discipline, able to access major circuits and a better world ranking.
In order to achieve this objective, the National Technical Department has undergone a profound restructuring and is now developing a support approach for sports clubs in terms of training and coaching on the basis of target contracts.

Also, the Federation promotes a local sports and educational supervision to strengthen the integration of «young talents», through the establishment of an approved training of coaches who participate in this supervision.

This strategic vision is also based on the development of the golf ecosystem through economic growth. A goal that undeniably involves the involvement of all golf operators.
In addition, the Federation places particular emphasis on the preservation of water resources. The FRMG continues to support golf courses for the widespread irrigation of courses with treated wastewater.

At the same time, the Federation encourages social integration by strengthening the formation of caddies, a real attraction for golf tourism.
Measures to position golf as a true sustainable development niche.

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