Golf: FRMG and CPG sign an agreement to support the expansion of the «GolfSixes Leagues» championship in Morocco

The Royal Moroccan Golf Federation (FRMG), chaired by SAR Le Prince Moulay Rachid, and the «Confederation of Professional Golf» (CPG) have just signed an agreement on the development of the GolfSixes Leagues championship in Morocco. Signed in the wake of an international conference organized from 25 to 27 April 2023 by the R&A in St Andrews, Scotland, it aims to support the expansion of the GolfSixes Leagues championship in Morocco.

The FRMG and the CPG will work together to develop this championship in Morocco, supported by The R&A and the two European Ladies and Men rounds, and which aims to promote the culture of golf among young people. The goal of the championship is to allow teams under 18 to compete in a fun and motivating game format that develops team spirit and competition.

“The Royal Moroccan Golf Federation and the Confederation of Professional Golf welcome this collaboration, which will promote the culture of golf among young people. This convention marks an important step in the new expansion strategy of GolfSixes Leagues in continental Europe and other territories including Morocco. We are convinced that this collaboration will be beneficial for all parties involved and for the development of golf in Morocco,” said Riad Laissaoui, President of the FRMG Young Athletes Training Commission.

Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer at The R&A said: “GolfSixes is a fun and accessible form of golf that has been hugely successful in the UK and Ireland and we are pleased that the pilot project in Europe attracted many young people last year. We want to build on this momentum by expanding its reach to new countries so that more young people have the opportunity to enjoy golf and its health benefits with family and friends. As such, we are delighted that the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation is deploying GolfSixes.”

«The launch of GolfSixes in Morocco is a fantastic continuation of the successful activations that have already taken place across Europe», said Ian Randell, General Manager of the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG]. “We are delighted to see him venture into the African continent and are confident that he will prove to be an excellent example of how this exciting initiative offers the perfect solution for young people to progress on the golf course in a fun and engaging while enjoying the social and competitive pleasure of playing as a team”.

Alexandra Armas, executive director of the Ladies European Tour, said: “Other countries have demonstrated how the GolfSixes format allows women and girls to learn golf together in a fun and social environment, and how the competitive element helps maintain interest and participation. We believe that GolfSixes will have the same positive impact on the development of golf in Morocco and will bring more women and girls into the sport. We wish the project every success.”

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